People & Safety

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FAR is committed to achieving excellence in managing its environmental, safety, health and social performance in all of our work places, activities and operations.

It is acknowledged that, to be most effective and to achieve long term success, this should become part of the culture of the organisation, embedded into FAR’s philosophy, practices and business processes.

In 2018, FAR’s crisis and emergency team were fully trained to support our operations. In the 365 days of 2018 we encountered zero working incidents and therefore zero lost time injuries (LTI’s). We believe we can work incident free, every hour, every day, everywhere if all staff make a personal commitment to ensure they will take the time necessary to carefully risk assess and plan each day to ensure they and those they work for are incident and injury free.

As we operated the drilling of our first exploration well in The Gambia in 2018, we revised our Crisis Management Plan (CMP), conducted an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and completed Oil Spill Contingency Planning (OSCP) according to UK/EU and international standards positioning the Gambia for a strong and compliant petroleum industry.

Ethics & Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC)

The reputation and integrity of FAR Limited will only be maintained if each director, senior executive and employee observes the highest standards of behaviour when representing FAR, conducting business on behalf of FAR and when interacting with each other. Our Code of Conduct was designed to clearly state the way in which we aim to conduct ourselves in business and with our internal and external stakeholders. These practices help create an environment which assists FAR to achieve its potential in a global market.

The Company prohibits bribery and corruption in all business dealings in every country. Our policy applies to all our dealings whether they be with private organisations, individuals, domestic or foreign governments, or their representatives.

FAR conducts targeted training on ABC within all the countries that we operate. We also implemented a gift and hospitality register in 2017 to further improve our processes in this area.

For further information see our Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

Human Rights

FAR Limited (‘FAR’) strives to conduct its business in a manner consistent with the philosophy of and principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Respect for human rights is at the heart of our integrity and is an essential element of sustainability and performance excellence.

FAR recognises the dignity of all human beings and we embrace the inalienable rights for all people to live their lives free from social, political, religious or ethnic discrimination or abuse. We have reflected this commitment in our values, code of conduct and the policies that guide the way we do business. This commitment applies to the communities in which we do business, the people we do business with and the people we employ and their families.

For further information see our Human Rights & Child Protection Policy.


FAR is focussed on growing a business of diverse individuals in a high performing, inclusive culture.

The Company benefits by bringing together high-quality people of different gender, age, ethnicity, religious and cultural backgrounds who possess a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. FAR values diversity in all aspects of its business and is committed to creating an environment where the contribution of all its personnel is received fairly and equitably.

Workplace diversity contributes to achieving FAR’s corporate objectives and enhances its corporate image and reputation. To this end the Company aims to:

  • recruit the right people from a diverse pool of high-quality candidates;
  • make more informed and innovative decisions, drawing on a wide range of ideas, experiences, approaches and perspectives that employees from diverse backgrounds and differing skill sets bring to their roles; and
  • represent the diversity of its stakeholders and the global community in which the Company operates.

For further information see our Diversity Policy.