FAR Limited’s aim is to create long term value through oil and gas discoveries and pursue new exploration opportunities for the benefit of our stakeholders.

We are committed to achieving excellence in managing environmental, safety, health and social performance in all work places, activities and operations. It is acknowledged that, to be most effective and to achieve long term success, this should become part of the culture of the organisation, embedded into FAR’s philosophy, practices and business processes.

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of FAR Limited’s operations. As part of its role as a responsible corporation, FAR is dedicated to enacting policies and practices that are ethically, socially and environmentally sound. FAR is also committed to the health and safety of the Company’s employees and partners. All operational activities are carried out within international industry standards of safety and environmental consideration.

Alongside FAR’s commitment to contractual profit-sharing agreements with host countries, FAR is dedicated to investing in the development of vital facilities and services in Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and Kenya. Such endeavours are evidenced by FAR’s recent participation in a hospital reconstruction project in Guinea-Bissau and sponsorship of a youth soccer tournament in Senegal. FAR is also involved in various community awareness and education programmes in Kenya.