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Ndemban Clinic upgrade and Covid Testing and Treatment Care Centre

During 2021, FAR and its co-venturer completed the upgrade of the Ndemban Covid Clinic in Banjul, the capital of The Gambia. Various building and infrastructure facilities were upgraded in the clinic to facilitate its conversion to a treatment centre for COVID-19. The project was completed and handed over in mid-2021.

Gambian Nationals Training Dakar Shore Base

During the Bambo drilling campaign, six Gambian trainees were employed at the Dakar shore base. These trainees were engaged in loading, unloading and storage work and undertook specific industry training programs, including occupational health and safety training. Two Gambian nationals were seconded offshore onto the Stena IceMax drillship where they assisted in operations and geological activities. Training sessions were also provided to the Gambian staff from the Ministry of Petroleum & Energy covering topics such as drilling engineering and subsurface technology.


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